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Press Release - June 23, 2008


Morpheus Software™ Launches New Versions of its Popular Photo Manipulation Software

New Titles Are First to Integrate with Social Networking and Photo Hosting Sites plus New Animation Community Site, Morpheus Galleries™

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 23, 2008 – Morpheus Software, a leading publisher of digital photo animation software, today launched new versions of its popular software; Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper, Morpheus Photo Mixer and Morpheus Photo Animation Suite. The new releases mark the first time users can quickly and easily upload their animations from the program to one of the many popular social networking, photo hosting, and blogging sites such as YouTube, Facebook, PhotoBucket, MySpace, Blogger, etc. No other photo manipulation software on the market includes this feature.

After creating a fun morph, warp or photo mix, users can upload their animations directly from the Morpheus program to YouTube and Photobucket's sites because the new 3.10 versions are each integrated directly through these sites' application programming interfaces (APIs).

For web communities whose APIs do not support direct integration such as MySpace and Facebook, Morpheus created Galleries, a social networking site especially for users of its software. After uploading their animations to Morpheus Galleries, users can post them to any of the popular social networking sites.

Galleries also allows users to interact with each other regarding their animations and be part of their own online community of digital photo manipulators, where photo morphs, warps, and mixes are hosted by Morpheus. After posting animations to Galleries, users can interact by writing crazy descriptions for their morphs, posting comments about other wacky photo animations, viewing top rated or randomly selected animations posted by other users, rating the best animations themselves, or competing with other users to have their animations listed among the most highly rated and thus be showcased on the Galleries homepage.

"Social networking communities are continuing to grow and users are looking for new and unique ways to spice up their profiles to attract the attention of other users," said Dan Engel, CEO at Morpheus Software. "The new 3.10 versions of Morpheus Photo Morpher, Mixer and Warper make adding animations to social networking and photo hosting sites extremely easy. The new Morpheus Galleries is a fun online place for photo manipulators and animators to gather to look at each others creations, as well as share tips with other users".

As in the previous versions of Morpheus. popular titles, 3.10 enables users to create wacky and fun animations in just a few minutes by morphing, warping and mixing up two digital photos. However, with the new versions, instead of saving their animations in their preferred format and then having to manually post them to each of their favorite sites, users click on the .Share. menu option in the program where they can choose to directly post them to YouTube and PhotoBucket or upload them to Galleries where the image can then be posted to other sites and embedded in emails, blogs and instant messages.

Price and Availability

All four products are available now at select computer retailers nationwide as well as via electronic download or CD from the Morpheus Software Web site at

Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper and Morpheus Photo Mixer sell for $29.95 each and Morpheus Photo Animation Suite sells for $59.95.

Professional versions of Morpher, Warper and Mixer also are available. For more information on the Professional versions of the software, please visit

About Morpheus Software

Morpheus Software is a leading publisher of digital photo animation software products that help consumers bring their pictures to life. The company's software products include Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper, Morpheus Photo Mixer and Morpheus Photo Animation Suite.

For more information on the company and its products, please visit Morpheus Software's Web site at To sign in to the social networking site Morpheus Galleries or to view animations posted by Morpheus Software users, visit

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